Road Crashes and Long Term Disabilities: Implications for Policy and Its Implementation in Cambodia

Country: Australia
Author: Socheata Sann, Narelle Haworth, Julie King, Mark King
University: Queensland University of Technology
Major: Health
Degree: PhD
Year: 2013

The number of road crashes leading to disabilities is increasing alarmingly and constitutes a significant public health problem in many countries. So far, very few studies have been conducted to explore the impacts on persons with disabilities due to road crashes, and their families.  This gap in the literature is especially large for low income countries such as Cambodia. This review explored relevant publications to provide background on persons in Cambodia with disabilities due to road crashes and their families. The review adds to the limited knowledge base in this area and has the potential to provide information on contextual issues relevant to the experience of disability in other developing countries, such as poverty, stigma and lack of resources. The findings of this review form the first part of a PhD study that will contribute to the development of informed policy change leading towards a safer system for all road users, including persons with disabilities.

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