Public Transport Contribution to Road Safety in Low and Middle Income Countries

Country: Australia
Author: Socheata Sann
University: Queensland University of Technology
Major: Health
Degree: PhD
Year: 2013


          Public transport has been considered as one of the main exposure control interventions to substitute personal transport use. Although public transport has played significant roles in civilized life, its side-effect in terms of road crashes is still open to question. This review explores the contribution of road-based public transport to road safety in low and middle income countries. It utilizes existing sources of data and research to build up arguments. The literature review reveals that public transport has led to safety issues for passengers and other road users, including pedestrians, since walking is complementary to public transport trips. The study highlights the challenges which need to be taken into consideration to improve the system so that it can benefit all road users, including pedestrians and persons with disabilities.

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