Developing Effective Policies to Reduce Disability from Road Crashes in Cambodia

Country: Australia
Author: Socheata Sann
University: Queensland University of Technology
Major: Health
Degree: PhD
Year: 2017

Road crashes and injuries have become a growing issue worldwide and have been recognized as a contributor to disability. However, very few studies have been conducted to explore the patterns of long-term injury crashes that result in disability, and the impact this has on the person and their families.  This gap in the literature is   significant for low income countries such as Cambodia. Therefore, it is crucial to have more in-depth understanding of the disability issue due to road crashes in Cambodia that have its own characteristics, and requires its own policies within its existing and limited resources.

The PhD research identified and explored the social and cultural constructions and impacts of disability as a result of road crash on individuals and their families, in addition to the quantitative analysis on the road crash contexts based on existing datasets. The study also contributed to the development of policy recommendation towards a safer system for all road users, including persons with disabilities, and improvement of quality of their life.

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